We met on a hike.
It was his last day
in the States. A

mutual friend asked
me to come with her,
meet the Brit.

He had mis matched
neon orange, green
and yellow socks.

Mustard yellow
adidas. Giant
aviator sunglasses

and a t shirt that
looked old, worn
and soft.

His English accent
made me look at
the ground a lot and

not dare start a
debate of any sort.


He was leaving the
next day. A one way
ticket to India,

they said.

“Take my class.”

He said.
Do I did, and we
often joke today

that I have never
done a class that
focused or strong


I finished the
class, gave him a
thumbs up

and without
another word
walked out.

Later we will joke
about our findings
while stalking each other

on Facebook.

“Ugh you had a
girlfriend on the
beach in Goa with

cows.” I laugh.

“You were so
cool you were

Ally Sheedy cool.
I already knew you
had some French

boyfriend named

Sometimes I

go back to the
day we met and

imagine that maybe
I felt it already.

A glittering gold
wedding dress.

Cooking side by side
in our tiny kitchen.

Walking the dogs.
Naming our kitten.

Leaving the
Christmas tree up
all year because

every day
feels like


Sometimes I have
no idea how I got
transcended into this

version of a life

but I’ll
take it.


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