All Gold

I remember
New Years Eve
2014 turning into


I made it
out of work

In time to get
Burger King to
eat in bed with

my dogs at the stroke
of midnight.  We were
texting on messenger
and I

was safe, happy,
peaceful in that
chat. I had such

a crush on you. I
didn’t tell you at the time
that someday I would
marry you.

In a gold
ball gown

at sunset in the
desert. Like Goldie Hawn
in the last scene of
that old movie

overboard. You are the
glitter that complicates
the simplicity of
the texture

that is this life.
I watch you
eating fajhitas
on a Wednesday night
in our kitchen.

You still always absorb
all of the light
and make it better

before it

bounces back.

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