Current Status

They were empowering.

I sat
for my

they said

“Tell us

your work.

We have stalked
you thoroughly
on the internet

and we have never
heard of anything
like it in a

clinical setting.
You are effective,
unique. Everyone
raves about you.”

So I outlined
my time blocks,
exactly as they

are. And they
invited me

to a party
in a sky loft
to meet

judges and
attorneys. There
were tiny bottles
of Perrier, cucumber

sandwiches and the
greatest cake
I’ve ever eaten.

Looking down on
Las Vegas
Judge Cruz asked me
“Why did you choose

this work?”

I just laughed
and said that
the work

chose me
long before I
knew of any

kind of decision
and this seemed
to be fair

enough of a

I have a new
found freedom
from the drudgery

of clinical

but a substantial
salary and benefits.

meditate back

to the South Side
of Chicago

walking train tracks
at dawn to the
grocery store to just

find a fifth of
goldschlagger so I
could come down

from the last four
weeks awake without
too much incident and

I tell that girl
with those tracks

everything will
be alright and




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