Natalie Acoustic

I believe in
you as the

my life

has ever been

I think of your
off blonde hair,
crooked smile and

that South Side
accent that always
sounded like

to me.

You used to always
laugh as you said

“Child I
have no idea
you ended up

here, in my

The years passed and
passed I still

know where the
painting hangs
with all of your

books by heart. I
have lost offices
and lost programs

just like you did when
I didn’t understand. I

remember telling you how
I was going to go to
Wells Street Beach

alone for the first
time even though it was
pouring out. You

touched my hand you
said go sit in the


walked me through
the crippling
confusion of a

never ending
perspective of

fear and less
than – I’m

about to take a
cake for being

clean for seven
years and

I never said
Thank You

the way that I
didn’t know yet
how to mean it.

You were selfless.
You gave me a voice.
You believed that I
could and told me I

would and in the
middle of what isn’t
even the beginning of the

story I

begin again.

I swear to God

somebody really
loved is going to
play you

in a movie and

will laugh it off
and insist on
paying the

check at Bakers

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