On fear

I woke up this morning
to read that the current

of the United States
signed an executive
order to ban

refugees from certain
“Muslim” countries
from coming to

the United States.
I sat in bed.

With my husband, who
just got a green card,
our cats and our dogs.

The stories of
1930s Europe

playing in my head.
The BBC said that
even people on planes
that were on their way

to the US with the proper
Visa to return back
here to their loved ones

were turned away at
US customs.

I remember that day,
waiting for my life
to start at a US customs

A lot of the time,
my world is very small.

I am in the talks of
teaching yoga at
West Care and an

HIV/AIDS outreach
program in downtown
Las Vegas. I have the

privilege of teaching
Monday – Friday and a
good job that pays well.

Today I

bitched about traffic
on the 515 and I sweat
so much in a hot room

that I thought my head
was going to ooze off.

I saw a friends new home.
I had a decaf coffee and
fell asleep in my husbands

after taking his class.
But I also felt a cool
and very clear chill of fear

go through my spine.
Fear of what is going
to happen to this great

country and it’s order
that I used to think
couldn’t change.

“Maybe we should just
move to London.” I found
myself mumbling.

“I can see us in ten years,
trying to remember the

of it all being
destroyed. Maybe we
should just go

now. While we can. I
need a UK passport


I am afraid
for the future.

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