Firefly Dusk

Last night
my sister was
in Disneyland.

I was the waitress
at the table. Her
young children and

husband surprised me
by sitting in my section
for dinner.

I couldn’t believe
they were there and
I was so happy to

see them that I
barely noticed
the empty seat.

“No sit here.
You don’t
serve dinner

any more.” My
sister laughed.

I took off my
apron and sat down
at the table. The

Magic Kingdom was
the back drop and
I twisted around in
my chair to see

a few yards away,
through the crowd
our father.

Just watching us,
with the most peaceful
and glowing smile
on his face.

I kept trying to
get him to come
and sit with us but

he kept letting me
know telepathically
that he couldn’t.

So I just watched him
among the crowd
watching his family

be his family but not
moving any further

I woke up to my
alarm. 5:53 a.m.

I kept trying to go
back to sleep so I
could catch him

from that dream and
keep that feeling but

like a child after a
lightning bolt on a
summers evening I

couldn’t seem to
grasp him back.

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