A lot of the time I
have a perspective of

I teach yoga five
days a week at 9
am and after that a

private chef makes me
breakfast, and after
that lunch, and I just

get to hang out with
people going through
a drug detox.

This is teaching me
a lot that I don’t
have answers or solutions

I only have the ability
to be a witness that is
present to their struggles,

and some days, it is
an honor.

Some days I want to say
that I don’t want to be
the adult in the room.

I want to say that this
is draining, I am
exhausted and please,

don’t cough or puke
on me. I answer about
30 times where the

meds are, who is getting
them and why it is
taking so long. What I

want to say is that
no pill
is going to change you,

it is only going to
provide an illusion
for a while.

All days though
when I walk out of
my job and make my

way back home,
I always either go
to a yoga class or

a very long shower.

Those are the only
off buttons I have
found to be effective

so far. Every day I
watch the devastating
effects of the disease

of addiction. No matter
how difficult that is
I’m always happy that

for today
it isn’t


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