Shelli Cat

“I called you to let
you know that I finally

started writing again
and the reason I am so
angry and uncomfortable

is because everything seems
to boil down to how I don’t
have control. There are

dozens of things at work
that I am responsible for
that I have no control

over. It makes me nervous.”

“It makes me nervous when
you call me from Kevins phone.”

“I’m sorry I love his fancy new
iphone. And mine is about to
die. So I used this one.

Did Mike buy any new cannons
at the auction?”

We talk a while longer.
Some days

it is nice to just know
that there are a few
people out there that

know me, and that I know
in return. Even when stuff
gets really difficult, or
wrong or sad or whatever

to have a person that for once,
I didn’t up and walk away from
and make myself the victim. Or

start yet another version
of this life, become the things
I said I would never become.

My Sponsee says to me today

“How do I reset my day?”

I ask her if she wants the
book version or my version.

She says both.

“Write a gratitude list
call someone. Pray.”


“And go to Dairy Queen
and get a large
butterfinger blizzard

with extra extra butterfinger
and take a sugar coma of a

It was a good day.

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