“The car got stolen in Mexico
& we had to walk down the 19
freeway. It was a hell of a time.

Or just hell at the time
all of that stuff from
so long ago gets glossed

over – just like epoxy
before I light the
blow torch so it’s


“You have incredible
people skills. I would
want you to be my

I chuckle.

“I’m not a therapist.
but thank you. I’m a
clinical specialist.”

I flash my work badge
at her with a smile.

The truth is I don’t
give much of a shit

about the stories of
my life much like I
once did. They don’t

define anything I just
consider my twenties
an education

that taught me
a universal
language and

with that education I
can support my family
doing what I love.

Sometimes though
I get bored on
Wednesday afternoons

with Maggie the
nurse at my job.

We eat cookies and
talk about our lives
like somebody else

lived them.

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