It was 75% off
furniture day at
the thrift store

and we
have a patio
to furnish.

I was looking
forward to it
all day at work

but when we
got there,

with the exception
of a $1 destroyed
Ikea table covered in
glitter and a

dirty pink leather
couch nothing
seemed it would

We walk around anyway.
Finding new rollerblades
in my perfect size, 8.5.

I find a ceramic horse
with the carving E.S 1983
in the bottom.

“We must take her.”

He says yes, and we will
call her Heather Horse
because her color

matches all of the
colors of my hair.

We agree on a half blue
half green dome to put
Christmas lights in and

call a lamp for our
front lounge. I stalk a
giant blown glass

deep orange bowl
from a different aisle.

“Kev when that lady moves
we are going to see that
bowl.” I say, peering

through the shelves at the
bowl – a womans
parked cart in the

background. “I can’t just
walk up that close to
her – there is thrift
store etiquette.”

She wheels away. The
bowl weighs about 15
pounds. It’s $15.

“Ugh that is so much
money.” I put it down.

“Kit if you like the bowl
get the bowl.”

“I”m going to be thinking
about it for weeks if I
don’t buy it. I have a million
things I could put in there.

It is beautiful, and old,
and shiny. It belongs in
our home.”

I happily take the bowl.

The total was $24. Kevin
watched in horror as
the cashier wrapped

everything in multiple
plastic bags. We
walk to the car.

I tell our new things
they’ll like it

with us.

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