First Anniversary

I was a basket
case on my
wedding day.

I booked my hair
and makeup the
night before.

I didn’t think of
having a wedding
party or like.

Other people
there. We did a
last minute

facebook invite,
thinking nobody
would come and

nearly a few hundred
showed. We were

driving down
Las Vegas Boulevard
hands clenched to

almost to the

“We’ll get through
this.” I kept saying,

in between swallowing
air to stop my
hiccups. What I have

left from that
day are some bright
and thriving
photos of time that

started. A time
that became in
there and here.

Hundreds of pots of
tea and afternoons
spent reading together

lighting incense
after incense.

Tears and joy,
cats and dogs,
yoga classes,

meditation sittings
followed by job
after job
after job.

Thank you for
the day

that is a
of a start point

of what has
all of


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