Horrible Bosses.

Yesterday I
walked out
on my job.

Straight up
threw up my
middle fingers

and walked out.
If there was
anything that

working in a
job I couldn’t
handle for five

years taught me
in retrospect it
is that no matter

I always
had a choice –
I just played it

like I didn’t. I
grew up thinking
that everything

everyone else was
doing was happening
to me and I didn’t

have a choice. Today,
I do – and today –

I am not willing
to support some
assholes ego

at the expense of
clients in a
behavioral health

facility. It didn’t
feel anything like
the movies make it
look like

but I’ll be
goddamned if
my ability to

live healthy,
respected and
free is what’s

going to
have to buy
the cat food.

I’m done working
in drug rehab.

I’m not sure what I
thought I had to prove
but I’m done now.

Today I did my yoga.
I went to the temple.
It’s an hour north

of here in the middle
of nowhere.
I finished my second

fourth step.

I have no idea what
is going to happen
but I know

that I don’t
have to go back

to that place. As
long as I

take care of
myself the



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