My big sister is my hero

I ask her
how her
job is.

She says
to me

“Well. Yesterday
I had a six hour
conference call

and six hours
of emails to
catch up on

In the middle
of that
a supervisor

called to give
me feedback on
not properly

facilitating my
conference call.

Other people
kept calling me
to see if I had

followed up on
their emails from

10 am yet. I picked
up the kids and
managed to make

them dinner and
put them to

bed. After that
I sat on the
couch and

just cried.

Sometimes I
don’t feel like I
do anything

right and it’s
all I can do to
just be aware and

not take it out
on the kids or
my husband.”

We talk on the
phone on Saturdays

just like my Dad
would if he


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