I still
drive on
every freeway

in the middle
of the night

for very little

Eating a whole
bar of foreign

listening to
Van Halen at
max volume

just because
it helps me

Sometimes I
have nowhere
to go but

my head
gives me the

that I do.

I signed and
epoxied another
canvas today.

I named her
“The Sage”

because of the
iridescent shell
I was holding

with a sage
smudge in it.

I woke up at
7 and started
applying for a

job in an art
supply store.

My husband
said “no”

He said
“Just do
what you love

take care of
yourself and
the rest

will follow.”

I’ve been in
therapy for a
long time now

but the best
therapist I’ve
ever had is

the desert
freeway late
at night and

old classic
rock that
sounds like

my Dads record
collection and a

Ford Mustang
with the windows
down in this



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