Married in the Kitchen

“Have you even seen
lately the amount
of shit

on the counter? We have
cabinets for that. Why
does every dry ingredient

for your smoothies
have to live on the
counter top? We have
so many cabinets.”

He offers a few different
ways of where everything
can be put away. I can’t

be bothered. “I was just
saying that theres too
much shit on the counter,

not that I want to
organize the kitchen now,
at midnight.”

I sit at the table
drinking my plant
based non dairy

chocolate milk.
Warm orange light
bounces from his

natural glow. Fresh
hair cut and my
favorite face,

the one where his
beard has grown out
for approximately
three days.

Worn gray t shirt.
Deep blue linen

Thai fisherman pants.
He is the most emotionally
available and brilliant

human I have ever met
and right now he is
organizing the counter
top at

midnight. I have these
little moments
with myself, just

watching him that
leave me forgetting
to breathe. I feel so

safe. I feel so



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