Best Day

Taylor Swift
released her
whole music

catalog to
spotify at
midnight last

I’ve been re
living the
tame parts

of my 20s all

It came from
nowhere, a long

song that once
I wrote the lyrics
to in a card

to my Dad. I
made him listen

to the song
with me, driving
down the

I can wait another
six years to
hear it again.

I wonder every day
what my Dad is now.
Where he went because

all thats left are
the moments that got
immortalized when I

paying attention
until the attention
is all suddenly

thrown back into
those lost seconds.

Sometimes I’m just
caught in between
the pulse to normalize
it all until I can’t

feel the memory or
wish I could lose
the memory again so

that when it returns
but feeling

could be as


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