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On what it is to heal

Standing over the
hot pan stirring

the Parmesan into
the red sauce. Entirely
too much garlic.

The cat flicks
his giant white
tail beside me.

My husband wraps
his arms around

my waist. Kisses
my cheek. I raise
the wooden spoon

up to his lips.


He squeezes me

I don’t flinch.
I don’t push him
away. None of

any of it is ever
about before. We

sit for dinner and
I am



Breakfast restaurant parking lot

I remember
the feeling
of the exact
pitch of

the instant
we met.

The whole
world got
a little

I got quiet
and I
to him talk.

I think that
in those first
few moments

I could already
feel our whole
entire life

together before
it happened. But

thought at the
time that it was

the pitch
of the sun.


You walk into the kitchen. Filthy from camping. Film on your skin. Eyes sparkling. Sunburnt nose. Wide smile. Your crooked perfect teeth have always been something about you that I find special.

“Americans love their cosmetic dental surgeries.” You once sniffed to me, probably after I told you I had to have my whole mouth filled because of what my choices did to my teeth.

Today the sun shines through the kitchen. Sweltering fat sun outside. The cats lay in the lounge, sprawled out and flicking their tails. The dogs prance around, excited to greet you.

You wrap your arms around my waist. I hug your shoulders & breathe into your neck. You are warm.
I am


Married in the Kitchen

“Have you even seen
lately the amount
of shit

on the counter? We have
cabinets for that. Why
does every dry ingredient

for your smoothies
have to live on the
counter top? We have
so many cabinets.”

He offers a few different
ways of where everything
can be put away. I can’t

be bothered. “I was just
saying that theres too
much shit on the counter,

not that I want to
organize the kitchen now,
at midnight.”

I sit at the table
drinking my plant
based non dairy

chocolate milk.
Warm orange light
bounces from his

natural glow. Fresh
hair cut and my
favorite face,

the one where his
beard has grown out
for approximately
three days.

Worn gray t shirt.
Deep blue linen

Thai fisherman pants.
He is the most emotionally
available and brilliant

human I have ever met
and right now he is
organizing the counter
top at

midnight. I have these
little moments
with myself, just

watching him that
leave me forgetting
to breathe. I feel so

safe. I feel so


Christmas Pond

When my Husband
was living
on the other side

of the world and
our relationship
was a series of

written messages
we used to always
say that when we

could be together
all of the time
every day would feel

like Christmas morning.

Recently we got another
Kitten. We named him
Christmas because

that was when he arrived
to us. He sleeps all
day long in my

Grandfathers crushed
gold shell chairs in
the sun or stretched

out on the table with
his head wedged in between
the wooden blinds.

He can’t be bothered
for the whole day but

if you wake up in the
middle of the night he
acts like a baby ball
python. He is the most

affectionate animal
I have ever known,

but only for about a
two hour window, between
5 and 7 a.m.

Christmas sleeps
between our pillows
and if you move, he
assumes you are up,
licking your ears and

wrapping his tail
around your neck.

This morning was no
different. He purrs
louder than the
washing machine,

stretches out and
demands he be pet and

“Christmas morning.”

I mumble to my husband
through all of his

It’s a trip sometimes
the ways that the things
that we ask for

show up and

“Every muscle in my
body feels like it’s
been in the back of

a dump truck, driving
down an alley in the
Chicago Federal District.

I have gone to yoga like
9 days in a row – six of
which Kevin kept the room
at over 110 and 60% humidity.
He says things in his class
like “My wife thinks I

hold the postures too long.”
As I’m sitting in balancing
stick for a full minute.

Am I going to feel better TJ?
I can barely walk.”

She just giggles her

fairy from another world

“I don’t think so. You
know the drill.”

I turn on my laptop
in search of a
groupon massage.

TJ pours

the tea.

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Happy Hunting

“My latest
for a

book is

going to be
about an
overweight cat

that can transcend

when he meows
the shower


My husband
and the cat
do not take

their eyes
off the computer


Both him and
the cat turn
to me.

“What he’s never
seen fish on

before. We
were hunting.”